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    Odyssey - By Robert Wilson, after Homer


    by Homer


    The great epic work of ancient Greek poetry tells the story of Odysseusís journey home after the Trojan War and what happens when the hero arrives at Ithaca. It is a transcendental tale that has always been the symbolic text par excellence about human adventure and the wanderings of existence in a harsh but exciting world.
    Robert Wilson's encounter with Homer is one of the major artistic events of this season.  One of the most influential and acclaimed artists in world theatre brings his own unique approach to the material. The sensitivity, inventiveness and imagination of the great American director resonate with the Homeric spirit, creating a spellbinding new theatrical language. Eighteen carefully chosen performers and Wilson's own internationally renowned collaborators bring all their artistry to bear on this unique venture, which is intended for all audiences, regardless of age or experience of the theatre.

    A joint production with Milanís Piccolo Teatro-Teatro di Europa

    First performance: 26/10/2012

    Last performance: 16/03/2013

    Boxoffice telephone:: 210 5288170 - 171