Electra by Sophocles


Electra by Sophocles


From 20.07.2018 to 19.09.2018

Electra, a play from Sophocles’ late period (probably written in 412 or 411 BCE), dramatizes one of the bleakest episodes in the history of the House of Atreus: the revenge taken by Electra and Orestes against Clytemnestra and Aegisthus for their murder of Agamemnon. Electra, who is the central figure of the drama, keeps the memory of her father’s assassination alive, begging the gods to help her punish his murderers. The return of her brother, the exiled Orestes, sets in train the events that will lead to a double killing.

Written during the period of tumult caused by the catastrophic Peloponnesian War, Electra bears the marks of the “pathology of war”, shifting the centre of gravity from divine speech to human action.

Electra is an aggressive and untamed creature that “gives birth to wars”. She transforms grief into a tool of revenge, so that instead of salving her pain, it intensifies her fury.



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20 & 21 July Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Kavala 25/8, Thessaloniki 28/8, Patras 4/9, Elefsina 10/9, Vyronas 14/9, Papagou 19/9


Electra will be presented in partnership with the Ministry of Shipping and the municipalities of the following islands in the Eastern Aegean (Lesbos 26/7, Limnos 30/7 and Agios Efstratios 1/8).

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