Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyesky


From 23.12.2015 to 14.02.2016

In the St Petersburg of the 19th century, the law student Raskolnikov commits a double murder, cloaking it in the ideological justification of a curious form of justice. However, his crimes will challenge human and divine law, which will seek to make him pay for them as he travels down a lonely and nightmarish path. The harshest punishment is his conscience, from which he can only escape by choosing the path of love and repentance.

In exploring the human soul and the dark laws that govern it, the great Russian author’s masterpiece becomes a timeless and always topical dissection of the subconscious, written at a time when the term had not even been invented. In this Greek National Theatre Production, Dostoevsky’s world is mediated through Papadiamantis’s unique translation, reflecting how well both these great writers understood the pain of human existence.


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