Erofili’s embroidery

From the silence of the display case to performance

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (1 Koumbari St)

From 08.11.2017 to 20.12.2017

Having met with a great response in the 2016-2017 season, this production is being performed again this season in the area of the permanent collection in the main building of the Benaki Museum.


One of the best-known works of Cretan theatre, Erofili by Georgios Hortatsis, is the product of a highly advanced society and bears the traces of the contact that the island’s upper echelons had with Italian education. The tragedy was written in about 1600, during the period of the Cretan Renaissance, which lasted for the last two centuries of Venetian rule on the island (16th-17th century).

Another example of Venetian influence in the culture of Crete is the pleated and embroidered skirt of the 17th century, a rare remnant of the effect of the Renaissance on embroidery and the costume design in the Cretan countryside.


DIRECTED BY: Stratis Panourios
MUSIC: Alexis Kotsopoulos
COSTUMES: Maira Vazeou
CAST: Andromachi Davlou, Alexis Kotsopoulos, Fotis Lazarou, Elena Marsidou, Stratis Panourios, Amalia Tsekoura

The museum exhibit will be presented by Xenia Politou, Curator of the Collection of Neohellenic Culture.


Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (1 Koumbari St)

Tickets prices

Ticket prices: €15, €10 reduced (per performance), €25, €18 (for the two new productions), €50, €35 (for all Koumbari Street performances)
Tickets are available from 6 October 2017 at the Benaki Museum, 1 Koumbari St, Athens.
Hours: Wednesday and Friday 10:00-18:00, Thursday and Saturday 10:00-midnight, Sunday 10:00-16:00
Information: Τ 2103671015, Monday-Thursday, 10:00-15:00


Events dates and times

Performances: 8, 15, 22, 29 November & 6, 13, 20 December 2017

Time: 20:30

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