Zhao the orphan Ji Junxiang


From 18.11.2018 to 02.12.2018

Zhao the orphan has been described as the Hamlet of classical Chinese literature. It is a zaju play, a genre comprising poetry and prose, dance and mime, with an emphasis on the comic element or a happy ending. Written in the 13th century and attributed to Ji Junxiang, this much-loved story has been staged countless times as theatre, opera and dance productions, and has also been filmed. It is the first Chinese drama to have been translated into European languages, inspiring dozens of adaptations, including those of Voltaire and Metastasio, and an unfinished version by Goethe.

This production takes place under a bilateral agreement between the national theatres of Greece and China. It is adapted and directed by the distinguished Chinese director Dr. Wang Xiaoying, who was until recently deputy president of the National Theatre of China in Beijing. His approach mixes Eastern and Western elements, always in an unexpected way. Our destination is the world of Chinese culture and aspects of the multifaceted identity of an ancient people seen through a landmark play.

General Tu'an Gu massacres the Prince of the Jin Dynasty and his family. Thanks to the selflessness of a doctor, the Prince’s new-born son is saved and years later he will take his revenge. The play is a masterful contemplation of vengeance, power, justice, loss and sacrifice.  

On-stage Musicians



Events dates and times

Wednesday 9pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 9pm


The play will be performed in Greek and Chinese with surtitles in Greek.


The images used in this season’s promotional material have been selected from the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.



Pantelis Chandris, Sleepless Cattleya 1, 2016, Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art. (more)

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