What does love mean in crisis-era Greece?  

What impact do economic measures, uncertainty and instability have on the way we fall in love? If love is a way of thinking, what is the thinking that dominates a world in which everyone is struggling to survive?

Four theatre groups present their points of view in the GNT’s Experimental Stage – 1  Festival:

•    The Big Bed (working title)

Borrowing its form and structure from the Athenian revue, the production surveys the landscape of love in contemporary Athens. Its parodic set, comprising misrepresentations of iconic Athenian symbols, creates a new aesthetic environment for the protagonists of a neo-kitsch spectacular.  Sketches and songs are linked by the common theme of love, with satire as a means of negotiating our place in today’s society of values and the role of love in our lives.  

Concept: Manos Vavadakis, Chara-Mata Giannatou, Yiannis Niarros
Directed by: Manos Vavadakis

•    Opera for two

an opera about everyday unhappiness
an opera about the decay of love and the loneliness that awaits us
an opera that wonders if it can be sung by ordinary people and not by trained singers

Directed and performed by:  Vasso Kamaratou & Kostas Koutsolelos

•    Lolita Reversed

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita

Christos Karasavvidis rewrites the myth of love between a nymphet and a professor, attempting to research the limits of child sexuality and exploitation between the perpetrator and the victim, especially when the roles are indistinguishable.

On a bold set, the story of a Lolita of today weaves a web which on the one hand reflects a powerful love and on the other entraps it in an era of economic and social deprivation, testing the strength of human desire and the limits of modern theatre.

Concept, text and direction: Christos Karasavvidis

•    The Sleepers
Performance based on the poem by Walt Whitman

The country sleeps. The country dreams. Bodies surrender to sleep. Bodies, naked or dressed, alone, in couples or in groups, descend into the sleep that arises from fatigue, delight, depression, rejection, or the culmination of an acute intensity that wishes to build or destroy.
The performance of The Sleepers brings Whitman’s words together with the sounds and images of today’s Greece, inviting us to look at those who are sleeping in their beds in a country in a period of intensity and after the intensity has passed, bending with open eyes over the shut eyes of sleepers. The idea is simple: if you open your eyes to the person in front of you, then their dreams will become yours. We are all, more or less, one being.

Conceived, directed and performed by: Youla Boudali

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