• Pins based on costume designs
  • Fans based on costume designs

For the first time in its history, the Greek National Theatre has created a permanent space to sell commemorative items inspired by its long artistic tradition and productions.

At the Shop, in the renovated bookshop in the Ziller Building, you can find items that take their inspiration from the world of the theatre and in particular from the work of great artists, set designers and costume designers who have worked on GNT productions, which is redeployed in modern and unusual ways.

Designs, pictures and photographs from major productions bring a unique touch to household and decorative items that you can find exclusively in the GNT shop, marking a new relationship between the theatre and its audience: a relationship that continues even when the curtain falls.

And don’t forget to take a look at our exclusive collection of jewellery. Fabrics from costumes, lace, buttons, tulle and other materials from the GNT wardrobe have been turned into unique creations and works of art in the workshops of the Greek National Theatre!

At the same time, the GNT’s specialist theatrical bookshop continues in the same space, offering well-known Greek and international plays, coffee-table albums, essays and studies on the theatre and art, as well as programmes from past GNT productions.

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Saturday: 3.30pm - 11.30pm

Sunday: 3pm - 11pm

Greek National Theatre – Ziller Building, Agiou Konstantinou 22-24 (Omonia Metro Station) 1st floor

Telephone: 210 5288121

Εmail: shop@n-t.gr

You can also find books and commemorative gifts at the children’s bookshop in the Ziller Building (Main Stage, left-hand entrance) during performances for children.

For bulk orders, please contact the Publications/Shop Department on 2105288165 daily between 9am and 5pm.



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