Winter Season 2012 - 2013: Repertory

Post date: 16.8.2012

Main Stage

by Robert Wilson
After Homer

In co-production with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano

Robert Wilson inspired by the Homeric epos creates a brand new performance on Odysseus and his journey back home with an important ensemble of Greek actors.

Concept, Direction, Set Design and Lighting Concept: Robert Wilson
First performance: 26/10/2012

Mourning Becomes Electra
, by Eugene O'Neill

The myth of Oresteia transposed to the American Civil War and describes the death of family, the basic pillar of society.

Direction: Yannis Houvardas
First performance: 21/2/ 2013

Rex Theatre – Kotopouli Stage

Midsummer night’s dream, by William Shakespeare

A night full of surprises, poetry and humour where mythical and comic elements weave a charming web.  

Direction: Michail Marmarinos
First performance: 28/11/ 2012

Red Lanterns, by Alekos Galanos

A contemporary version of a play that became a huge success in the cinema in the 60s in Greece and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Direction – Choreography: Konstantinos Rigos
Fist performance: 17/1 2013

Golfo, by Spyridon Peresiadis

A tragic romance in an idealized picture of the Greek countryside of 1893.

Direction: Nikos Karathanos
First performance: 2/3/ 2013

New Stage Nikos Kourkoulos

Orpheus Descending, by Tennessee Williams

In the decaying American South, the heroes of an ancient Greek myth sink into despair, loneliness and the seductive melodies of Orpheus’ dark harp.

Direction: Barbara Weber
First performance: 17/10/ 2012

Ζ, by Vassilis Vassilikos

A legendary novel about a political murder in the Greece of 1963, adapted for the stage for the first time in the National Theatre.

Direction: Efi Theodorou
First performance: 20/12/ 2012

Vitrioli, by Yannis Mavritsakis

A brand new play about the corrosive power of life, destruction and rebirth.

Direction: Olivier Py
First performance: 15/3/ 2013

On Stage (Kotopouli Stage)

Invisible Olga, by Yannis Tsiros
Austras or Couch Grass by Lena Kitsopoulou

The successful show will be repeated for another year.

Direction: Yorgos Paloumpis / Yannis Kalavrianos
First performance: 7/11/ 2012

Spectators, by Marios Pontikas

An important political play of the Greek modern theatre canon.

Direction: Katerina Evangelatos
First performance: 20/3/ 2013

Drama School - Theatre

Penthesilea by Heinrich von Kleist

A performance with the students of the third year of National’s Theatre Drama School.

Direction: Akyllas Karazisis
First performance: 29/3 2013

Children’s Theatre – Katina Paxinou Stage

Petros’ War, by Alki Zei

One of the most important contemporary Greek pieces of literature for children that has been translated in several foreign languages at the National Theatre for the first time.

Direction: Takis Tzamargias
First performance: 4/10/ 2012

Another Dimension

Another dimension will continue in 2013 – 2013 with alternative activities. Readings, Visual Arts Exhibitions and Discussions as well as presentations of older pieces of Greek literature continue.

Events on National Theatre

Agiou Konstantinou 22-24, 10437,Athens, phones: +302105288100

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