MοU signed by the GNTO and the National Theatre of Greece aiming to a “cultural pandemic”

Post date: 26.5.2020

MοU signed by the GNTO and the National Theatre of Greece aiming to a “cultural pandemic” so as Greece to be promoted internationally as a unique cultural tourism destination

A memorandum of cooperation was signed today by the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization, Angela Gerekou, the President of the Board of the National Theatre of Greece, Vassilis Poulantzas and the Artistic Director, Dimitris Lignadis.

All of them stressed the need of a “cultural pandemic” deploying all available potentialities of both institutions aiming to foster the country’s promotion as an international cultural tourism destination, particularly in the fields of theatre, as well as the implementation of a coordinated and internationally orientated promotion plan of Greek tourism and especially the unique cultural experiences offered in Greece.

Following the MοU signing and after thanking the National Theatre’s representatives, Angela Gerekou highlighted the importance of the cooperation since: “the affiliation of culture and tourism is the country’s most competitive asset and the National Theatre, undertaking its emblematic role, is the most appropriate institution for the promotion of cultural tourism. An industry’s niche which can become, particularly this year, a very attractive pillar as well as occasion for both Greeks - since domestic touristic fluxes will significantly boost- and international tourists so as to visit the safe Greece in terms of public health standards, complying of course with all the relevant protection measures.”

Moreover, the GNTO President mentioned that “the Organization is willing to promote all National Theatre’s initiatives and activities, along with other cultural organizations, through its own social media accounts, the visitgreece.gr portal, as well as its offices all around the world, in order to motivate the interest of tourists in visiting our country and enjoying unique experiences, on the occasion of a performance or any other cultural event. Furthermore, it is all about experiential tourism, one of the main aspects of our strategy for the period to come, since cultural tourism belongs to its core business. To this extend, T.Os will be contacted so as cultural events be included to available tours in our country.”

On the part of the National Theatre, Artistic Director Dimitris Lignadis pointed out that “the National Theatre of Greece pursued form the very first moment the collaboration with the GNTO, since tourism can become an educational “battering ram”. Theatre, in general, can significantly contribute to the touristic product with activities incorporating both entertaining and educational elements addressed equally to international and Greek audiences. The virus (COVID-19) is contagious; however there is nothing more “contagious” than the arts and the theatre. And we are committed in spreading it”.

Concluding, the Board’s President Vassilis Poulantzas expressed his delight for the cooperation of the GNTO and the National Theatre of Greece, describing it as highly and mutually beneficiary for both sides.

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