Post date: 02.2.2017

In a collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, as part of the “From Omonia to the Port” initiative, the National Theatre is holding readings from traditional and modern stories in its bookshop.

On Saturday 11 February, the storyteller Dimitris Prousalis and the singer Filippos Plakias welcomed young friends of the National to its bookshop in the Ziller Building for two readings at 11 a.m. and 12 noon, with free admission.

A handful of folktales and an armful of stories with songs and music encapsulate the wisdom of the world, which are shared generously and with an open heart. Diminutive heroes and their great achievements, talking animals that tell important truths and amazing adventures borrowed from the realm of dreams. Tangled tales of terrible things that must be confronted if they are to change, with things of beauty taken from a time when animals and objects spoke and acted like people. “Once upon a time” also talks about the lives of those who are growing up today, looking askance with hope and certainty at tomorrow…

D. Prousalis

Narration: Dimitris V. Prousalis
Song: Filippos Plakas

Ziller Building, Bookshop (1st floor)
22-24 Agiou Konstantinou St

Agiou Konstantinou 22-24, 10437,Athens, phones: +302105288100